Thank you to all for an amazing 2017!

It has been a great year and we continue to see more clients take advantage of using our coating system to greatly extend the life of their metal and flat roofs.

More than half of the leaking metal and flat roofs we inspect are good candidates for our coating system which can save the client nearly 50 percent the cost of replacing their roof and also provide them with a 10, 15 or 20 year labor and material warranty.

Our quality coatings and reinforcement fabric provides a new water-tight surface, our brilliant white finish reflects over 85 percent of the suns heating rays and we can also tint our coating to almost any color if desired.

This year we have begun using more silicone coating in special situations. Here are a few pictures of sealing an existing fully adhered EPDM roof under a water chiller. It’s been a few months since we completed this project and not a single leak has been reported, where as it would leak every time it rained.

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Here are a few pictures of 2 metal roofs in southern Indiana right next to each other. We installed a 10 year acrylic coating system and new skylight covers. This is a medical supply facility that is very sensitive to any leaks. Since completion, there have been zero leaks and the roof looks amazing!




Repair attempts by others did not stop the leaks and eventually added more work for us to prepare and seal the roof properly. Employees using the wrong materials can actually do more harm to your roof than good even when you are trying to fix it.



Once the roof was pressure washed clean. Any rust primed and all seams, stacks, curbs and fasteners sealed, we then started applying our elastomeric coating to the field of the roof.



We typically spray a white base coat and a white finish coat. This is a bit more difficult, but after 40 years of applying coating systems, we’ve learned so much on how to install a long lasting coating system that looks just as good as it works.





The finished roofs looks great and are leak free!


Throughout 2017 we’ve had quite a few repairs to both metal and flat roofs. Our coating and fabric process provides a long lasting repair.

These pictures are of a valley between 2 barrel roofs with EPDM. The EPDM is 25 years old and the seams have deteriorated from the ponding water. We had tried spot repairs with EPDM flashing but, it also failed after 2 years. We continued to work with the client more and discussed the other possible solutions. And we installed a full fabric and silicone system through the valley. They are happy with the results and want to do the entire roof next year.









These pictures are of a repair with silicone and full fabric over a mod-bit asphalt roof.




And another repair for a client with a smooth asphalt roof.

Here you can the see the before and after.





This October we are installing over 130,000 SF. of Duro-Last 20 year single-ply system.

This roof was a 23 year old, worn-out ballasted EPDM.



They had been making un-successful attempts at repairs for years. Based on price and reputation, they chose Rich Roofing Systems to install a new Duro-Last 20 year single-ply system.


First we removed the stone ballast from the roof, and then we began our installation of mechanically attaching the new Duro-Last roof.


The EPDM roof was fastened in place as we installed the new sections of Duro-Last 50 mil roof system. This saved our client over $17,000.00. All over-lap seams were heat welded together with an automatic welder.


New 8” edge metal and new 7” gutter were installed.




The finished project looks great and the roof is leak free!

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