100_2918Rich Roofing Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the roofing industry since 1977 providing the highest quality services for our clients. Our clients enjoy our honest approach when inspecting their roofs. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations and give them the confidence that they received the best value for their money spent.

Our Mission

It has always been our focus to create partnerships with our clients and assist in managing their roof assets. We work with building owners and managers to maximize the life of their current roof system and give recommendation on when it’s time to replace their roof(s).

Constantly seek out individuals who fit within our culture of safety, quality workmanship, good communication and work together to serve our clients and grow as a team.

We strive to always educate ourselves and our customers on the best products and practices when providing solutions to their roofing projects.

We promote the attitude of always learning and with every installation we become better and more efficient in our work.

Our History

In 1977 Dale Hacker started a small business outside Huntington, IN. which focused on using a new product to the roofing industry to solve roof problems. This new product was water-based, elastomeric coatings. In 1979 his son-in-law Nelson Rich joined the business.

During his first few years, Nelson began to see the great potential for using coatings to bring leaking roofs back to a water tight condition for a fraction of the cost of adding another roof which might include a costly tear-off.

In 1982 Nelson purchased the company from his Father-in-law and renamed the company Rich Roofing Systems. Nelson’s son David Rich began working with his father’s company during the summers while attending college. In 1988 David joined the Rich Roofing Systems team and began working full time. In 1994 David opened an additional location of Rich Roofing Systems in the Indianapolis area.

In 1991 Rich Roofing Systems began installing single-ply roof systems to client’s roofs that were past their ability for a coating system to fix the leaks long term. Today, single-ply installations represent nearly half of Rich Roofing Systems work and they have become Master Contractor for several single-ply manufacturers.

In 1994 David Rich joined the Indiana Roofing Contractors Association and was president of the association in 1997. Rich Roofing Systems is now involved in several associations to help further its knowledge and practices.

In 2013, Rich Roofing Systems received its Florida Certified Roofing Contractor license and has started providing its roofing service in southwest Florida.