Rich Roofing Systems has been installing coatings on flat and metal roofs since 1977. We’ve learned over the years which coatings perform well and those that don’t. We only install the highest quality products for our clients.

We have seen many inferior products installed on roofs that have failed miserably. Some roofing companies even manufacture their own low quality coating.

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The added value with our quality coating system is that many years later, the coating we installed is able to be recoated and receive a new warranty because it still has good adhesion and no flaking. This saves you money over a complete re-roof.

Do yourself a favor. Ask to see one of their 10 year old coating jobs. That low price might not be so attractive then.

We offer 5 to 20 year coating systems for

  • Metal Panel roofs, all profiles
  • Single-Ply Membrane roofs
  • Smooth Built-up roofs
  • Walls, Metal and Concrete
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Our 10 year coating system last an average of 15-18 years before needing to be recoated!

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Our coating system looks beautiful when finished and it last!

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Call us today and we will schedule an inspection of you roof and see if it’s a candidate for our premium coating system.

Northern Indiana – 260-356-8529
Central and southern Indiana – 317-661-3246
Southwest Florida – 239-770-7069