A thorough roof inspection saves you money!

The number one cause of premature roof failure is the lack of regular roof maintenance. Roofing industry experts say that a building owner who budgets only 5 cents per square foot per year can avoid losing three times that much per square foot each year.

Add it up for a typical building owner or manager and that’s easily tens of thousands of dollars each year in cost savings. Regular roof inspections = saving money!

Don’t ignore your roof just because it isn’t leaking.

Roofs are commonly ignored until roof leaks occur. Unfortunately by that time your roof can have suffered damage which will continue to worsen if roof repairs are not immediately performed. Taking care of these issues before roof leaks begin will ensure reduced severity of roof damage along with minimizing associated repair costs and the chance of interior damage. Not only will roof repairs now reduce your costs but will also safeguard the quality and service life of your roof.


Regular semi-annual roof inspections, typically in the spring and fall, can catch small roof repairs before they become a larger issue. We will inspect all roof penetrations, wall flashing and roof membrane seams. We will also ensure that all drains and gutters are clear for proper water run-off.

This can save thousands of dollars and extend the life of your current roof.



  • Full details and pictures of your roof and any defects found.
  • Extensive well communicated repair proposal if needed.
  • Current roof life expectancy and strategic maintenance and replacement plan.
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