Using the wrong contractor is a waste of your time and money!

Using a knowledgeable roofing contractor to make repairs with the correct material for your roof is extremely important. Many times we inspect roofs or are called to perform a repair and find that someone has used the wrong materials on previous repairs and has made matters worse.

Repair work done by others.

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Metal roof curb sealed properly with elastomeric coating and reinforcing polyester mesh

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Nobody beats the value we provide when repairing or fully coating metal roofs!

EPDM and Pea-Gravel BUR roof repaired properly.

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Our roof maintenance program begins with a roof evaluation and a determination of your roof’s stage of opportunity.

There are three stages of opportunity: repair, restore and replace. Determining the stage of your roof will ensure the most cost-effective route is taken in restoration of your roof.

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REPAIR – Review of roof reveals minor deficiencies in roof assembly that can be corrected with minimal repairs (i.e. minor patches and repairs).

RESTORE – Review of roof finds significant deficiencies in the roof system requiring intensive work to restore roof asset (i.e. wet insulation, coatings, etc.).

REPLACE – Review of roof finds major deficiencies that can only be addressed with a replacement of the roofing system.