“We can keep your roof water-tight longer and for less money”
Nearly 70% of the leaking metal roofs and 50%

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Nearly 70% of the leaking metal roofs and 50% of leaking flat roofs are good candidates for our coating system.

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If you take all the different roofs systems available and look at life-cycle cost over 60 years, our restoration coating system beats them all because our system is renewable.

Example: In 1985 we installed our coating system to a client’s 60,000 sq. ft. metal roof with a 10 year warranty for $1.25/sq. ft.. In 2002, (17 years later), a few leaks started to appear and the client asked us to re-coat his roof. Since we only use high quality materials, most of the coatings we applied in 1985 were still performing well. There was no flaking or lost adhesion just a few areas along seams that eventually wore down and cracked due to building movement over time.

After inspecting the roof and presenting the new proposal, we were able to clean the entire roof, re-seal areas that had cracked along seams and apply 1 fresh coat to entire roof for $1.05/sq. ft.. The majority of the coating and detail work we did in 1985 did not need to be re-applied saving that cost.

That’s roughly 30 years of leak-free service for $2.30/sq. ft. or $4,600.00/year for a 60,000 sq. ft. facility.

This process can be repeated for many years. The key is a contractor who knows how to properly apply coatings and uses high quality coatings.

We offer 5 to 20 year labor and material warranties and can apply different colors if desired.

Benefits of Restoring your roof

  • Lower initial cost than replacement.
  • No tear-off and disruption to facility personnel.
  • Full deduction of coating system on current year taxes verse amortizing a new roof system over 29.5 years.
  • System and warranty is renewable.
  • Your roof can qualify for energy rebate.
  • Up to 20 year labor and material warranty.